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Oral Presentation Guidelines


Time Duration

Each presentation will be allocated a total of 15 minutes, unless other instructions are provided by the Session Chair. It is advisable to limit the duration of the presentation to a maximum of 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes allocated for questions and subsequent discussion. The scheduled time for your session may be subject to modification in the event of any cancellations.

File Submission

To optimize the organization of your oral presentation, kindly submit your Microsoft PowerPoint file to us by May 1, 2024, by email at Please ensure that each session is labelled as indicated below:



Main Session 1 : Aquaculture Diseases and Health Management

Main Session 2 : Marine Pollution and Ocean Health

Main Session 3 : Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation

Main Session 4 : Aquaculture and Fisheries

Main Session 5: Seafood Safety and Security

Main Session 6: Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Main Session 7: Nutrition and Feed Technology

Main Session 8: Citizen Science, Awareness and Education

Main Session 9: Remote Sensing and Coastal Oceanography

Main Session 10: Blue Economy of Coastal Communities

Main Session 11: Marine Biotechnology and Natural Products

Main Sessiion 12: Ocean Colour and Satellite Oceanography

Main Session 13: Blue Carbon in Coastal Ecosystem

Main Session 14: IoT in Aquauclulture and Marine Science


The SUBJECT of your e-mail should be "your session," "your name," and "the title of your presentation."

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